Highest Trader of the Week

Volume Counts Competition & Chance to Win 1000 GBP Every Week

Do you trade frequently and make consistent profits? Well, we have a promotion for you! If you’re trading more than most, you have a chance to win £1000 per week!

At FXPM, we promote and reward active traders. So, from time to time we like to do small promotions like this to keep things interesting.

The contest is simple. If you are the highest trader in terms of the volume traded during a trading week, you will get a £1000 reward. The more you trade, the better your chances to win the reward.

So, what are you waiting for? Just keep trading, and make the most of your skills. If you keep doing well, you have a chance of winning £1000 every week.

Login now and start trading, and if you do not have an account at FXPM, open one now to participate.

Terms and Conditions


  • Only traders with live accounts at FXPM are eligible for the Volume Counts promotion.
  • Demo account holders are not eligible for the promotion.
  • No registration is required. Traders with live accounts at FXP Markets are automatically enrolled for the promotion.
  • The minimum account balance required for the participation is $1000 USD or equivalent.
  • Promotion starts with the start of the Asian session on Monday and ends with the NY session on Friday.
  • Trader with the highest trading volume based on the number of lots traded during the trading week will be the winner.
  • £1000 bonus or equivalent will be deposited in the winner’s trading account within 5 working days after the trading week is over.


  • Determining the winner will be sole right of the FXP Markets admin team.
  • Any trader suspected or convicted of fraudulent practices or involvement in illegal trading practices is not eligible for the promotion.
  • A trader with more than 60% losses during the trading week will be disqualified.
  • Highest volume count by a trader during the content week is determined based on the lots traded, profit, drawdown and losses.
  • Trader with the highest volume, best profit and least drawdown will be selected as winner.
  • If there are multiple traders with the same volume and profits, the trader with the highest number of profitable trades will be selected as winner.
  • Deciding the winner is at the sole discretion of FXP Markets. Admin team’s decision will be final.
  • If there is no winner during a trading week, the prize may be carried to the next week.
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