Easy to understand videos with step by step tutorials on trading!
We have tons of educational content! Our videos start with the basics of trading, teaching you about everything from risk management to opening positions. This is perfect for beginners with no experience, as you can see positions opened in real time and practice in your very own demo account. Once you’ve figured out the basic mechanics of the MT4 platform, we can start teaching you how to make money!
Our more advanced videos focus on learning strategies for building up your balance and growing your funds. It’s important to study these closely. Make notes and ask lots of questions when you speak to your personal broker so that you can be sure you understand everything completely. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and it’s much more stupid to not ask a question because you think it’s a stupid question! Some of our videos deal with more complex ideas and concepts like technical analysis strategies, and with these it is especially important to consult with your broker before opening live positions.
There is also a large glossary of terms in our video section, so if there are words or phrases that are unfamiliar to you, try watching this video for a better understanding of those terms. In the same section we have simple explanations of take profits, stop losses and limit orders, so you can get all the basics here. This section also includes tutorials on the platform and complete walkthroughs of all account processes from depositing your investment to withdrawing your profits.

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