Our award-winning web trader is packed full of features ranging from the most advanced charts to the best spreads and conditions. Whether you’re a beginner, expirenced or a day trader, you’re always looking for the most beneficial conditions and the best support. The web trader provides complete and easy control over every aspect of your investments, from advanced features like technical indicators to basics like lot size and margin requirements.

Our web trader allows you to use stop-losses and take-profits: a vital part of safe trading. Stop losses and take profits let you put limits on your investment, so that if there is an unexpected spike one way or another, you can still keep your funds protected. We also provide trailing stop losses in order to safeguard the profits that you earn over a long term trade.

Any client on the web trader gets access to hundreds of assets across every imaginable market, industry or subject. The web trader also has a profit calculator, so you will always know how much you’re making. Our version of MT4 is by all accounts the most versatile of the platforms on the market today. We have a huge range of indicators that can be added to our live streaming charts, from Bollinger Bands to RSI and Fibonacci retracement, and that’s not all. Our indicators can be used together or separately, so if you need to do in depth analysis you can do it all from the platform, no need to go on different websites to get the information you need.

Security is also a concern today, so we hired hundreds of professionals to maintain the integrity of our networks and our proprietary data. Our clients’ data is of the utmost importance to us, therefore we take the utmost precautions in safeguarding it. We use a state of the art cold storage airlock data transfer system to prevent malicious actors from breaching our firewalls, and our protocols are tested constantly by our in-house evaluation squad. We are proud to provide some of the most impenetrable security available to private citizens today.

WebTrader Platform
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