For a long time shares have been among the most prominently used financial instruments in the world. CFD’s are now being offered by FXPMarkets.

A Contract for Difference or CFD is a means for trading shares that allows FXPMarkets’ clients to take advantage of all the benefits that come with owning a share without the need to physically own it. Trading with CFD’s is done in real time – prices, profits and losses are monitored with no delay.

FXPMarkets now gives traders the opportunity to benefit from trading some of the most popular stocks in the world. We are offering over 140 shares to choose from. You can diversify and boost your share portfolio using advanced tools combined with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to trade with major US and European shares. FXPMarkets offers its clients optimized conditions for trading with NO Commission, using competitive leverage on a number of different platforms. We also continue expanding our shares offering by including more symbols on a regular basis. Trade in real time with FXPMarkets and seize the opportunities presented by the dynamic financial market.

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