Precious Metals

Considered by many as a safe investment in times of economic instability, precious metals are valued for their rarity and practical uses. As a trade commodity precious metals enjoy constant popularity. This is largely because of how volatile they are. Precious metals are often used by traders to diversify their portfolio, as they sometimes provide an insight into economic trends that are affecting or going to affect other markets.

Now it is possible to trade without buying the actual commodity - instead only contracts based on the changes of each metal's price are traded.


Over the last several years gold trading has been gaining popularity. FXPMarkets offers the opportunity to trade with gold without having to purchase the precious metal itself. Many consider gold the best precious metal to trade with by virtue of its correlation with the value of other assets. Investments in gold provide security to a trader's portfolio, as its price is less influenced by the laws of supply and demand than other commodities.

FXPMarkets enables you to invest in gold using a variety of currencies and the ability to trade from any location.


Silver is relatively more affected by supply and demand than gold. That is due to silver's industrial applications, besides being a precious metal. Investments in both gold and silver give the trader an opportunity for better risk control. The reason is that investments in silver are more lucrative while the economic outlook is bullish, while the price of gold is less likely to suffer when the market is bearish.

FXPMarkets allows you to trade with both silver and gold in a convenient way - versus a number of different currencies on a CFD principle.

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