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Anti-Money Laundering

GGM Securities Market LTD does not tolerate money laundering and supports the fight against money launderers. GGM Securities Market LTD follows the guidelines set by the UK’s Joint Money Laundering Steering Group. The UK is a full member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the intergovernmental body whose purpose is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

GGM Securities Market LTD now has policies in place to deter people from laundering money. These policies include:

  • ensuring clients have valid proof of identification
  • maintaining records of identification information
  • determining that clients are not known or suspected terrorists by checking their names against lists of known or suspected terrorists
  • informing clients that the information they provide may be used to verify their identity
  • closely following clients’ money transactions
  • Not accepting cash, money orders, third party transactions, exchange houses transfers or Western Union transfers.

Money laundering occurs when funds from an illegal/criminal activity are moved through the financial system in such a way as to make it appear that the funds have come from legitimate sources.

Money Laundering usually follows three stages:

  • firstly, cash or cash equivalents are placed into the financial system
  • secondly, money is transferred or moved to other accounts (e.g. futures accounts) through a series of financial transactions designed to obscure the origin of the money (e.g. executing trades with little or no financial risk or transferring account balances to other accounts) financial transactions designed to obscure the origin of the money (e.g. executing trades with little or no financial risk or transferring account balances to other accounts)
  • And finally, the funds are re-introduced into the economy so that the funds appear to have come from legitimate sources (e.g. closing a futures account and transferring the funds to a bank account).

Trading accounts are one vehicle that can be used to launder illicit funds or to hide the true owner of the funds. In particular, a trading account can be used to execute financial transactions that help obscure the origins of the funds.

GGM Securities Market LTD directs funds withdrawals back to the original source of remittance, as a preventative measure.

International Anti-Money Laundering requires financial services institutions to be aware of potential money laundering abuses that could occur in a customer account and implement a compliance program to deter, detect and report potentially suspicious activity.

These guidelines have been implemented to protect GGM Securities Market LTD and its clients.

KYC Policy

For the purpose of KYC policy, a customer may be defined as:

  • A person or entity that maintains an account and/or has a business relationship with GGM Securities Market LTD on whose behalf the account is maintained (i.e. the beneficial owner).
  • Beneficiaries of transactions conducted by professional intermediaries, such as stock GGM Securities Market LTD, charted accountants, solicitors etc. as permitted under the Law.
  • Any person or entity connected with a financial transaction, which can pose significant reputation or any other risks to GGM Securities Market LTD, say, a wire transfer or issue of high-value demand draft as a single transaction.

KYC policy includes the following eight key elements - customer identification procedures, monitoring of transactions, risk management, training program, internal control system, record keeping, and evaluations of KYC guidelines by internal audit and inspection system, duties/responsibilities and accountability.

An effective KYC program is put in place by GGM Securities Market LTD, establishing an appropriate procedure and ensuring their effective implementation. It covers proper management oversight, systems and controls, segregation of duties, training and other related matters. Responsibility is explicitly allocated within the company for ensuring that the company's policies and procedures are implemented effectively.

The nature and extent of due diligence depend on the risk perceived by the GGM Securities Market LTD customer profile. GGM Securities Market LTD internal audit and compliance have an important role in evaluating and ensuring adherence to the KYC policies and procedures. The compliance function provides an independent evaluation GGM Securities Market LTD own policies and procedures, including legal and regulatory requirements. It ensures that the audit machinery is staffed adequately with individuals who are well versed in such policies and procedures. Internal inspectors specifically check and verify the application of KYC procedures at the branched/offices and comment on the lapses observed in this regard.

Underage and Child Privacy

By using this website you state and represent that you are over the age of 18 or any agreement to restriction applicable in your jurisdiction in order to participate in trading, as any laws applicable to you may dictate. If you are underaged and entered the site by mistake, you should stop using the website and inform us promptly and we will confirm with the applicable laws and regulations that apply to you and your personal information.

Regardless of the foregoing, in order to protect child privacy, we never knowingly collect or maintain information from users under 18, and no part of our website is structured to attract anyone under the age of 18. Should Website ever collect or maintain any such information, it will comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and any other applicable law, under the appropriate jurisdiction.

Acceptable Use Policy


Without derogating of the provisions of the following Acceptable Use Policy, any of the following activities are explicitly prohibited and shall be deemed a fundamental breach of the Agreement:

  • Unauthorized automated access to the services and systems
  • Latency exploitation in trading
  • Coordinated trade through multiple accounts (including trading in tandem)
  • Any reverse engineering of the software or the services
  1. Scope of AUP
    1. The AUP applies to all systems and services offered by GGM Securities Market LTD, without exceptions.
    2. The AUP applies to everyone, including all clients, users and visitors ("User" or "You").
    3. The prohibited activities and uses set out in this AUP are not a complete list. If you are unsure about any contemplated action you should contact GGM Securities Market LTD immediately.
  2. Automated Access
    1. You may not use, under any circumstances, any software which automatically accesses or operates on GGM Securities Market LTD’s systems, websites or systems, unless such software is officially provided by GGM Securities Market LTD.
  3. Prohibited Activities
    1. GGM Securities Market LTD shall not use, and will take reasonable actions to ensure that no user or third party shall use its systems in any of the following ways:
      1. Fraudulently or in connection with any criminal offense.
      2. To send, knowingly receive, upload, download, or use any material which is offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or menacing, or in breach of copyright, confidence, privacy and/or any other rights.
      3. To cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety.
      4. To spam or to send or provide unsolicited advertising or promotional material or, knowingly to receive responses to any spam, unsolicited advertising or promotional material sent or provided by any third party.
      5. In any way which, in GGM Securities Market LTD’s reasonable opinion, is or is likely to be detrimental to the provision of the GGM Securities Market LTD service to the company or any of GGM Securities Market LTD’s or its shareholders' and/or affiliates' and/or directors and/or lawyers and/or trustees and/or bankers and/or customers and/or business and/or reputation.
      6. In contravention of any licenses or third party rights.
      7. To attempt to interfere with any GGM Securities Market LTD service to any user, host or network this includes without limitation:
        1. Flooding of networks;
        2. DOS (denial of service) attacks of any sort;
        3. Deliberate attempts to overload a service and attempts to crash a host;
        4. Any attempt to abuse, manipulate or benefit of an error, software bug, security backdoor or breach, latency differences;
        5. Resale of services;
        6. Any sort of automated, cooperative or multi-user operation (explicitly including tandem-trading) to circumvent or exploit the services or systems;
        7. For transmitting E-mails, code or files which contain computer viruses or corrupted data or Trojan horses or tools which compromise the security of web sites or user data. This explicitly includes spyware and malware of any sort.
    2. You acknowledge and agree that the list of prohibited activities set out is a non-exhaustive list. GGM Securities Market LTD reserves the right to cancel any deal and/or hold and offset any funds and/or demand any fund or right due to inacceptable use of its services, taking advantage of mistakes or abusing its systems.
    3. You will not allow use of the System or access to any person who is not a Client and will not copy, distribute, publish, transmit, display, modify, prepare derivative works based on, report or otherwise use the system in whole or in part for the use of any other person.
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