Stock Market Indices are a great indicator of the over-all health of a given economy. Indices area the most bought and sold form of CFD’s and can be used as hedging instruments. FXPM offers a wide selection of indices to trade with on the global market. There is no commission on your transactions and you can benefit from tight spreads and competitive leverage.

Indices like the DJIRA index for example are baskets of blue chip stocks. The performance of every stock has a reflection in the index value. Indices, therefore, allow traders to gain a better understanding of a basket of stocks. Our range of indices includes US30, UK100, GER30, SPX500 and many others.

Indices are influenced by a variety of factors and events. GDP, political conditions, employment rate are just a few of them. The index market is therefore highly volatile, as well as liquid, making it a perfect choice for many investment strategies. Start trading CFD and future based indices to diversify your portfolio with FXPM today and take advantage of our real-time data feeds and easy-to-use tools and features.

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