We find that most people end up with a few questions, so we decided to answer a few of the most common ones here. If you have a question that we didn’t answer here, get in touch with your personal account manager or send us an email at [email protected]!
How to start trading?
In order to start trading with FXPM you will need to create a user account. After setting up the account and depositing money in it you can begin trading currencies and commodities on our platform.
How does FXPM work?
FXPM provides no commission trading with excellent execution technology. Our range of products includes currency pairs as well as a variety of commodities to trade on a CFD principle. Our advanced trading tools and user-friendly interface allow you to use real-time data to tap the potential of the most volatile and liquid markets worldwide.
Is my personal data secure?
FXPM takes the responsibility of protecting your personal information very seriously. Your details are stored on protected servers, limiting access only to a few authorized personnel. All your passwords are encrypted and we strive to keep up with new encryption and security technologies in order to keep your data secure in the future.
How does FXPM guarantee the security of my funds?
In order to provide the level of safety our customers deserve, FXPM keeps client funds separately from the company's own funds. The assets of our customers are deposited in several major European banks, ensuring they cannot be accessed without authorization or used for any purpose different than intended by their rightful owners.
What is Margin?
Margin is the amount of money contributed by an investor.
Under “Margin” there is also:
  1. Free Margin - Amount of money that is available for the investor within the account to invest further.
  2. Used Margin - Amount of money that the investor is currently exposing to the market.
  3. Margin Level - Margin level is the percent ratio of your account equity to used margin. It is calculated as: Margin level = (equity ÷ used margin)×100.
Margin level is very important because if it falls to 100% you will not be able to open new positions, and if it falls more, some of your positions may be forcibly closed. If your margin level is getting close to 100%, you can raise it, either by adding funds to your account to increase equity or by closing some positions to reduce used margin.
Can I lose more than I deposited?
To protect customers from losses greater than their investment FXPM employs a state of the art risk management and transaction monitoring system. When the margin level of your account drops under a certain percentage the system will automatically close your open positions at current market price. Thus you are protected from going in the negative at any time. Negative Balance Protection is not a requirement, FXPM provides it as service to clients, as long as it is not abused or manipulated.
What spreads are offered by FXPM?
The spreads offered to our customers depend on the platform they choose and the commodity they trade with. FXPM strives to offer competitive fixed and floating spreads to ensure the best trading conditions for its clients.
What products does FXPM offer?

Besides trading currency pairs FXPMarkets gives its customers the opportunity to expand their portfolio by trading with CFD's for indices, shares, energy commodities and precious metals. Some of the most popular options chosen to hedge investments are gold, silver, oil and natural gas. Building a balanced portfolio including diverse assets secures against large losses in either bull or bear market conditions.

Our software is intuitive and easy to use and the data-flow is constant and in real time. Using our platform you can analyze and strategize your trading in order to maximize your profits. In addition if any further questions arise you are welcome to contact our dedicated support, working around the clock to provide our customers with relevant information.

Can anyone trade? What are the requirements to open an account?
Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to trade with us. Our accounts do require full compliance in order to ensure your security and eliminate the risk of money laundering, fraud and identity theft. Find out more in our (COMPLIANCE) section.
Unfortunately, we currently cannot provide our services to citizens of Canada, United States of America, China & Iran.
What are CFD's?
CFD's, or contracts for differences, are a trading instrument which allows you to trade the difference in value between where a trade is entered and when exited without direct ownership over an asset.
Let's say you want to invest in Apple. Instead of buying actual shares, you can buy a CFD and reap the same benefits with more flexibly, faster executions and better, deeper liquidity. We currently offer CFD's on Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CryptoCurrencies.
What is Forex?
Forex is a short name for Foreign Exchange, meaning the exchange of various world currencies. The relative values of these change on a second-to second basis and so there is a lot of fluctuation that can be taken advantage of. Many people choose to speculate on one currency becoming stronger than another; in fact the most traded asset on Earth is EUR/USD!
What is Leverage?
Leverage is a simple term for the process of borrowing money from a broker in order to increase the potential return of an investment.
Let's say that you have 1:10 leverage on a stock and you chose to invest $1,000 on it. The broker will multiply your contract by 10 times and by that, if the asset moved by $10 per share - you made $100 with the multiplication!
This also works in the other direction though, so keep this in mind if/when trading with high leverage.
What are Spreads?
A spread is the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset which results from the buying and selling process.
What are Commissions?
Commissions are fees charged by brokerage houses for services provided.
What are Stop Losses and Take Profits?
Stop-Loss and Take-Profit are “future order” in the trading platform. Essentially, those orders are used by traders in order to save time and risk. It enables you to choose when the trade will close automatically if it loses an amount that you've set in advance (Stop-Loss) or wins a pre-set amount (Take-Profit).
Those can be set before the position opens or can be changed during the position's life.
How are my funds secured?
Funds are held in segregated client accounts at all times and full compliance is always performed in order to ensure your security. As well, we use top-of- the-line SSL, 3D security and encryption systems.
How is my personal data secured?
We use the highest quality firewalls and cold storage procedures for all of our data. We also employ a professional team of computer experts to maintain the integrity of our streams so that clients can be completely comfortable with the system.
What services does FXPM offer?
We offer a wide range of educational courses, trading programmes, and investing options. With over 325 assets available, we cover everything from cryptocurrencies to ETFs. Whatever your trading needs, we are here to help!
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