Energy prices are influenced by a variety of factors. During economic stability and growth the consumption of energy is high while economic stagnation causes a decrease in demand. The energy market is highly volatile, as besides economic influences it is affected by the political situation in the supplying countries. Oil and natural gas are the most traded energy commodities.


Oil is among the most traded commodities today and definitely the most important energy resource. Crude oil is also used in the production of a variety of every day products. In light of the huge demand for oil and the depletion of its known deposits, it is not hard to understand the complicated role of this commodity in the global political and economic situation. The price of oil has gone up in recent times. Being strongly affected by political, environmental and economic conditions, the oil market is highly volatile. Many investors see that as an opportunity to expand their portfolio and take advantage of trends and fluctuations in the global market.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is considered a relatively clean and environmentally friendly fossil fuel. Trading natural gas can be a tricky initiative. The market is influenced by a number of factors e.g. scarcity, current political and economic conditions. The price of natural gas is directly affected by changes in the prices of other fossil fuels. Weather conditions also may raise demand for energy and fuels and thus impact natural gas prices. Since the market is extremely dynamic trading natural gas requires research, planning and preparation.

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