Islamic Accounts

In order to accommodate our many observant Muslim clients, we worked with leading Imams to develop our proprietary Islamic Accounts. These accounts protect conscientious investors from accidental speculation on assets that are considered to be Haraam and also operate in an entirely Halal fashion.
Our Islamic accounts exclude any forms of Ribah, or interest. They also eliminate swaps and overnight fees that would otherwise apply so that clients are not compromised. These Sharia-compliant accounts allow clients who would otherwise be religiously unable to invest properly to take advantage of all the opportunities in the marketplace today. Our Islamic accounts include full access to almost all assets available on our platform and can be customized to exclude assets that deal in pork or other haraam things.
Swap free accounts are restricted to religious customers who require such services. Any suspicious activity on Islamic Accounts will be investigated fully and any discrepancies will result in the status being revoked.
If you need to speak with one of our Sharia experts about specifics regarding your Islamic account, just send us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to reach you in a timely manner.

The FXP Markets Islamic account, is aimed for traders and investors who cannot earn interest, receive swaps and pay swaps due to religious reasons. It also means that no rollover interest is paid to traders on overnight positions.

It is designed in a way that rules of the Sharia law are not compromised, providing an opportunity to traders to take advantage of FXP Markets excellent and market leading platform for trading in Forex, indices and commodities.

In order to open a FXP Markets Islamic account or swap-free account, please follow the link and select the Islamic account option. Once you submit your request, our admin team reviews it in order to avoid any form of abuse. After reviewing the application, you will be notified and swap free features will be enabled.

Islamic Account Features

Spread Type Fixed, Variable??
Average Spread 0.1 – 0.5 pips??
Minimum and Maximum Trading Volume Allowed 0.01 lots / 100 lots
Commission $0
Min Deposit Required $250 USD or equivalent
Max Leverage Allowed 500:1
Account Base Currencies USD, GBP, JPY EUR, SGD
Expert Advisors Acceptable Yes
Scalping Acceptable Yes
Hedging Acceptable Yes
Trading Platforms MT4, Web trader, ???
Trading Instrument Allowed Forex Pairs, Commodities, Indices
Admin Fees ???

Islamic Account Key Benefits

  • Interest free (no swaps will be charged or paid).
  • Follows Sharia laws.
  • Lighting fast trading platform.
  • No time limit on holding positions.
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Tight spreads.
  • Great trading conditions.
  • Leverage up to 500:1.

Swap Abuse Warning

If at any point of time, FXP Markets team finds that a trader is involved in activities like swap abuse, we may immediately revoke the swap-free status of the Islamic account.

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